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Becoming the whole Medium

Expansion I & II

The Next Step After Foundations Starts Here...

Elevate your connection to yourself and the Spirit World in this personalized, 40-week progressive course.
Become the whole medium through a holistic approach
to your development.

Day / Time: Saturdays, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm PST

Expansion I & II Duration : 10 Months

Investment: $297 / Monthly

With Upfront Membership: $261.36 / Monthly

Full Expansion I & II Dates: January 7, 2023 - December 16, 2023

Expansion I & II are each 20 weeks for a total of 40 weeks upon completion

Expansion I & II may be taken in any order - consecutively or individually but both I & II must be completed to advance to the next level of Mediumship Courses

Limit of 20 students to ensure personalized attention

The courses are divided up into 4-week segments which focus on a specific theme 

In each 4 week segment, there will be one lecture/ Q&A, one exercise session, and one small group mentoring session

A personal development exercise will be assigned each segment related to its theme

 The last week of each 4 weeks is optional - an exercise session or day off

All Practice Circles are included at no additional cost

All lectures will be recorded

Course Organization:

Small Group Mentoring Sessions

The small group mentoring sessions are unique in that each segment, and each student will have an opportunity to be assessed in a small group setting by Megan or Michael. These sessions are focused on giving students individualized feedback and attention to move beyond personal blocks in your development. 



Lectures will be 60-90 minutes which will combine a teaching component and a question and answer component. Each lecture will follow the theme for that segment and how it relates to mediumship and personal development.  


Exercise Session

Exercise sessions will be 90 minutes where students will get the opportunity to apply the theme learned in each lecture. Through various exercises and breakout room activities, students will work together to further develop and refine their mediumship

and spiritual awareness. 

Personal Development Exercise

Personal Development exercises are intended to incorporate each theme into your personal life and deepen your self awareness. By applying these concepts to our personal lives, we are removing blocks which may impact our mediumship.


Optional Session

During the last week of each 4-week segment, there will be an optional practice circle that students may attend or choose to take a break. Reflection homework will often be assigned during this week.

*Prerequisite - Must have completed Foundations III*

Expansion I

Expansion II

Expansion I Dates: January 7, 2023 - May 20, 2023

Expansion II Dates: August 5, 2023 - December 16, 2023

5 Month Course

5 Month Course

Day / Time: Saturdays, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm PST

Investment: $297 / Monthly

Day / Time: Saturdays, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm PST

Investment: $297 / Monthly

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Intermediate I
Segment 2 - Awareness

In our second theme, we dive into what it means to be aware. You will deepen your understanding of your own personal process as you connect to the spirit world. We will also explore how our awareness of the spirit world and our sitter play into our connection. Through this process, you will also begin to deepen your discernment of when there may be more than one spirit communicator, when spirit communicators have switched, and other changes occurring in your awareness. In this module, you will:

  • Understand your process of connection

  • Make sense of energetic shifts in your readings

  • Learn to notice slight changes of awareness happening within and without

  • Become attuned to your sitter’s energy as well as the power

  • Apply awareness to your daily life

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Intermediate I
Segment 3 - Surrender

Surrender is a key component in all mediumistic work. During this segment, we discover how to handle the vulnerability that arises from surrendering our awareness to the Other World. By focusing on surrender, you will deepen your link to the Spirit World and access even more accuracy and specificity. In this segment you will:

  • Learn to truly hand over a communication to the spirit

  • Deepen your blending through the act of surrender

  • Let go of control during your readings

  • Apply surrender to the places of tension within your life

  • Learn to listen within the whole of your energy

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Intermediate I
Segment 4 - Flow

Moving with the flow of a communication allows the medium to stay present and in the moment with their spirit communicator. It is in the flow where we are able to discover the inspiration and information that’s being impressed upon us. Through strengthening our ability to move with the flow, we can prevent feelings of stuckness or stopping and starting in our readings. In this segment, you will:

  • Learn to be inspired by the flow of your spirit communicator

  • Remove feelings of being stuck while working

  • Strengthen and maintain your link to the Spirit 

  • Learn to let go of control and move with the flow of life

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Intermediate I
Segment 5 - Confidence

How much confidence you have in your work can make or break the quality of your readings. By addressing feelings of doubt, feeling like an imposter or even a fraud, we will strengthen our confidence in our ability to do this work. The more confident we become, the more consistent and comfortable you will become in your readings. In this segment, you will:

  • Address imposter syndrome and feelings of doubt in your mediumship

  • Learn to take charge in your mediumship sessions

  • Cultivate consistency through trusting your ability to connect

  • Begin to take steps to feel confident in areas of life where fear may inhibit

  • Understand how belief in yourself and your ability differs from ego 

Intermediate I
Segment 1 - Addressing Challenges

In the first segment, we will explore the challenges often faced by mediums after they complete Foundations I, II, and III. By breaking down some of the most common issues that come up, you will gain confidence in your mediumship and learn how to recover and reconnect. We will also revisit ethics in mediumship and dive deeper into the responsibilities of a medium. Through practical exercises, we will improve how we handle readings when they go awry. In this module, you will:

  • Address common challenges in mediumship 

  • Troubleshooting your readings

  • Deepen your understanding of ethics and responsibilities as a medium

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Intermediate II
Segment 1 - Specificity

Becoming more accurate and specific in our evidence is one of the aims of development. During this segment’s theme, we will explore how to cultivate specificity and uncover the layers of details within our evidence. We will expand our idea of what is possible for us to receive and enter the “surprise space” of mediumship. By pushing the boundaries of what we believe we are capable of, we can begin to provide