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The empowering Approach to Evidence Based Mediumship

Foundations I

Seven 2 hour Live Video Sessions 

Seven Post-session Recordings of all Live Sessions

Small Class Sizes - Personal Attention with two Teacher support 

Feedback in your own development & personal questions answered

Access to the Oakbridge Institute Community Forum - No Facebook Account Required!

Day / Time: Saturday, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm PST

Price: $529.00

Price a month (for 2 months): $295.00

Duration: 7 Weeks

Dates: July 13, 2024 - August 24, 2024

Module 1

Ethical Mediumship & Dispelling Myths & Fears

In this first session, you be guided through the importance of mediumship and the gifts that can flow from it. By dispelling myths and fears and exploring the ethics of mediumship, you’ll develop a strong foundational understanding of mediumship and psychic awareness.

You’ll also learn one of the most important practices for your mediumistic development!

In this opening module, you’ll:

  • Dispel common myths and fears about mediumship

  • Explore the ethics of mediumship

  • Learn the language of spirit: understand the “clair” senses and your natural intuition (clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, etc.)

  • Understand what mediumship is and why it’s important

  • Discover your own spiritual power and energy

  • Experience the practice of Sitting in the Power, learning how to be both passive and receptive, noticing something without having it change your awareness

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Module 2

Surrender as the Key to Mediumship

Image by Jon Tyson

In this session, you’ll learn to sense, feel, and perceive accurately. You’ll also learn the importance of attunement and how to use the “off” and “on” switch of your mediumship.

By practicing moving between passive and active states of awareness, you will discover the power of surrender in the process of mediumship. You’ll also decipher between what’s coming from your mind and what’s coming from the spirit world.


In this module, you’ll:

  • Understand your own energetic awareness

  • Accurately sense, feel, and perceive your own energy

  • Learn how to move between passive and active states of awareness

  • Discover the difference between meditation and sitting in your power

  • Practice having hard and soft focus — relaxing and surrendering — which allows you to understand how your energy works

Module 3

Developing a Personal Relationship with Your Spirit Guides

This is your time to discover — or expand your connection with — your spirit guides. By exploring what spirit guides are and how to connect with them, you’ll begin to understand how to sense, feel, and discern between your energy and that of a spirit guide. Through this, you’ll begin the journey of developing or furthering a personal relationship with your own spirit guides.


In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn all about spirit guides and how to connect with them

  • Cultivate your ability to sense and feel spiritual presences

  • Develop a personal relationship with your guides

  • Become confident in discerning the difference between your energy and a spirit guide

  • Delve into cultivating nonphysical awareness of what it feels like when an energetic presence comes forward

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Module 4

Making a Connection with a Loved One

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You’re now ready to begin connecting with loved ones who have crossed over. By exploring and understanding the mechanics of mediumship, you’ll learn how to sense and feel the presences of loved ones in the spirit world. You’ll experience what it feels like to connect to spirit and how to accurately describe your experience.

Through working one-on-one with a partner, you’ll explore what a message is, why it’s important, and how to deliver it


In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn the mechanics of mediumship

  • Sense and feel the presence of those in spirit

  • Identify and deliver the information you’re receiving

  • Understand what evidence is and how to present it

  • Discover what a message is and why it’s so important

  • Do a practice reading, becoming sensitive and narrating what you’re experiencing

Module 5

Recognizing Spirit People by Their Essence

In this session, you’ll take your awareness of spirit and transform it into clear and accurate information. You’ll turn the perceptions that you receive while connecting to spirit into evidence.

Through this process, you’ll understand what’s valuable information when delivering a message from the spirit world. You’ll also learn how to describe spirit people via their essence.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn to describe the relationship between “the sitter,” the person you’re doing a reading for, and the spirit

  • Turn your feelings and perceptions into clear and accurate evidence

  • Discover what’s valuable when delivering a message from the spirit

  • Begin to understand the essence of a spirit person

  • Participate in breakout sessions to do practice readings

Image by Ahmad Odeh

Module 6

Gain Confidence by Learning Discernment

Image by Rylan Hill

In this class, you’ll be given several opportunities to do a mediumship reading and put into practice what you’ve learned so far. Learning through multiple experiences will give you the opportunity to really understand the depth and reach of your mediumship.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn discernment through evidential validation

  • Hone your fluency when giving a reading

  • Learn how to ease your nerves and handle other blocks when giving a reading

  • Explore how to develop professionalism and confidence when giving a reading

  • Participate in a breakout session to do practice readings

Transform ordinary awareness into heightened consciousness by connecting to Spirit and deceased loved ones.

Module 7

Next Steps in Your Mediumship Journey

In this final module, you’ll establish practices to take forward with you on your spiritual journey. You can address any areas of challenge you’ve had in the course, as well as go into growing your mediumship abilities.

Lastly, we’ll do experiential exercises, one-on-one readings, and small group readings.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Establish practices for continued growth in your spiritual journey

  • Address any challenges you may have

  • Test the depth of your mediumship abilities

  • Gain a clear understanding of the next steps in your mediumship development

  • Participate in a final breakout session to do practice readings

Image by Dave Hoefler
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Foundations I : Evidence-Based Mediumship

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Day / Time: Saturday, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm PST

Price: $529.00

Price a month (for 2 months): $295.00

Duration: 7 Weeks

Dates: July 13, 2024 - August 24, 2024

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About the Instructors


Michael Mayo


Michael Mayo is an internationally trained medium, astrologer, and spiritual teacher. He developed his mediumship in the United Kingdom under mediums such as Gordon Smith (School of Intuitive Studies) and Eileen Davies (Arthur Findlay College). While developing his mediumship, Michael graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a BA in Psychology and Social Behavior and a BA in Drama.


Michael brings a practical, grounded, and evidential style to his spiritual work. With his passion for teaching and helping others discover their own unique spiritual connection, he has taught and studied in the US, Europe, and Australia. Michael is also a second-generation astrologer with over 18 years of understanding astrological theory. He teaches and holds workshops throughout the United States and abroad; helping others explore and personally develop through the understanding of astrology.


Blending his many spiritual gifts and skills with a practical, grounded results-oriented approach, Michael helps you to discover your strengths, what holds you back and empowers you to discover your own inner strength and grit. He provides a safe, positive, and supportive environment for each person that comes to his workshops, development circles or consultations. Throughout his many years of working with the Spirit World, he has brought messages of love and hope from those on the higher side of life. His greatest mission is to show that life, like love, is eternal.


Megan Alisa

image1 (1).jpeg

Megan Alisa has developed her mediumship under some of the most accurate & well-respected mediums working today, such as Michael Mayo, Eileen Davies, Gordon Smith and travels regularly to study at the world-famous Arthur Findlay College in England to continue her development. Through her mediumship, love, and dedication to serving Spirit, she helps developing mediums understand the part of themselves that is eternal and their true potential for connection to the divine. Megan has a heart-centered, down to earth and easy to understand approach when teaching and also facilitates both private sittings and public demonstrations of mediumship. You can find her on YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram, as well as schedule readings on her website.

Open Book
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“... [Michael has] levity, joy, respect, and responsibility for the spirit world…”

I have had the distinct pleasure to work alongside Michael Mayo and attend one of his mediumship trainings. I think he’s one of the finest mediumship instructors and scholars. He draws from a myriad of years of hard and serious discipline, yet through his devotion to the work, has never lost the levity, joy, respect, and responsibility for the spirit world... If you are serious about developing your abilities, I would sign up immediately and initiate your wondrous journey with this earthly angel.


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